How intelligent is your heating and cooling system?


Here are three big ways that smart thermostats make our lives more comfortable.


  1. Smarter comfort. Smart thermostats use data like the outside temperature, inside temperature and humidity, your daily routine, your home’s thermal performance and many other factors to determine when and how long your heating or cooling system runs.
  2. More convenient comfort. Is anything more convenient than adjusting the temperature from anywhere — even if you’re away from the house? No more getting out of bed on a cold night. Just grab your phone, hit the app and consider it done.
  3. More efficient comfort. A smart thermostat knows when you’re away and gives your heating or cooling system a break. But your comfort isn’t affected, because it knows when you’re coming home and adjusts the temperature again to be just how you like it when you walk through the door.

Let’s celebrate smart thermostats for making our homes more comfortable and lowering our energy bills.


One more reason to cheer!


If you’re ready to upgrade to a smart thermostat, there’s another benefit you’ll want to know about. As a customer of LES, you can enroll your qualified, smart thermostat in the LES Peak Rewards program.


When you participate in LES Peak Rewards, you agree to let LES make brief, limited adjustments to your thermostat during times of peak electric demand. In exchange, you receive a $25 Amazon e-gift card, and, for every year you participate, you will receive a $25 bill credit after the close of each program year. (You must apply by Aug. 1 of the current year to receive your $25 bill credit at the end of the current Peak Rewards season.)


You’ll help your community manage energy more efficiently without sacrificing comfort — and help LES keep electric costs low. Enroll today! Find all the details at!