Electric vehicles (EVs) sound cool to a lot of people. But are they a practical option for your normal life? Depends on your normal.


Some people worry about how far a car can go on a charge — often referred to as range anxiety. The average American drives about 37 miles a day. Most plug-in vehicles feature ranges beyond 135 miles. So, unless you have a long commute, can’t charge at home or near any public charging stations, that’s not a huge deal.


Home charging options can be as simple as a slow charge using a regular outlet. You can also upgrade to a Level II charging station for a full charge in just a few hours.


Public charging options are increasing at an impressive rate, with new infrastructure being added in more places. In fact, there are more than 25,000 public charging stations from coast to coast. You can find them at retail locations, hotels and even at your place of employment.


EVs cost less to power with electricity than filling a car with gasoline. And, you don’t ever have to change the oil. That makes EV cost of ownership far less expensive than their internal combustion engine counterparts.


So don’t just compare sticker prices, compare the true cost of ownership. EVs are more popular than ever because they’re more practical than ever.